Your ultimate guide to selecting a hospital for elective surgeries

Choosing the right hospital for surgery is undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions to make when you have to undergo an elective surgery! One tends to choose the closest hospital either when the problem is not too serious or during an emergency. But when the choice is to be made for an elective surgery where there is time to plan ahead, there are a few things you should look out for.

1.Does the hospital boast of good credentials?

First and foremost, choose a hospital whose credentials are known and verified. Good, accredited hospitals may be associated with well know medical universities or independent. Most of the popular hospitals are also generally accredited given that they are popular because of good service. You could also try to get a little background information regarding the educational qualifications of the medical personnel or the head of the particular department you are interested in!


Larger, multispecialty hospitals are also better equipped in terms of latest medical equipment and advanced techniques! They have better arrangements of funds and more resources available. Very importantly, they also have more staff to ensure better care is taken. Such facilities are best to choose from when planning your elective surgery.

2. Success rate of the hospital

Spend some time doing a little background survey about which hospital is best for the surgery you are looking out for. Go through available information online regarding the success rate of that surgery in the hospital, or number of cases of readmission for the same. Most good hospitals keep their statistical data user-friendly and open to public. So take that extra bit of effort in analyzing the success rate of a hospital when choosing one for your surgery.

3. Does it specialize in the surgery you want?

Some hospitals are renowned for certain surgeries either due to their expertise in the particular surgery or available facilities. They might have more dedicated and advanced equipment to specialize in the surgery and possess a good record of the same. Or further, the hospital might provide services for only a particular surgery and excel in it! Such hospitals too make a great choice and in all probabilities provide you the best care for your case.

4. Cost and the readiness to go cashless

Some hospitals are highly business oriented and may go out of the way in providing comforts that may actually be unnecessary to raise their costs. These are more into promoting medical tourism or what is called Watch out for unnecessary elements in the patient care provided and make sure you are not cheated! Also, find out if the hospital allows convenient payment methods in cash or card payment or online transactions from any part of the world! Check ahead so that you are not in for an unpleasant surprise when you’re already stressed with the surgery.

Also, importantly, check if the hospital is enabled for cashless surgeries when taking a medical insurance claim and communicate your plans and dates with both, your insurance agent and the hospital to ensure payments without any hiccups!

5. Hospital care

Everything else takes a backseat when it comes to this! Hospital care is the most important factor when you are making the ultimate choice because it is on this factor that your recovery rate and chances of readmission depend! So, make sure that the hospital has all its policies in place to provide you with the best possible care. Find out how many beds are under care per nurse and other details of what to expect and what not. You are entitled to be treated with utmost care, dignity and respect during your stay in the hospital. So, be informed and make your choice well.

6. Keep an eye out for short surgery centers

Short surgery centers or day surgery centers are mushrooming in the country now. These centers offer elective surgeries with minimum stay in the hospital, an outcome of teaming the most advanced equipment with extremely proficient medical personnel to perform the surgeries. These centers aim for providing fast surgery options as against traditional long-stay surgeries in conventional hospitals. Patient care is provided aiming at speedy recovery and earlier discharge. The recovery period is mostly spent at home at the patient’s comfort!

Go for well-known chains of accomplished short surgery centers like AB Hospitals that offer premium services at modest costs. You can plan the surgery online at your convenience and are guaranteed the best care and facilities at nominal prices.



In a nutshell, go for hospitals that offer great care and employ advanced facilities together with highly trained professionals to get your elective surgery done quick and clean! Short surgery centers make the best choice for elective surgeries. Wish you a speedy recovery!