Worried about putting yourself under the scissors? Stop living in the past!

Have you been postponing a much-needed surgery lately worrying about the cost and time it will demand? You are not alone! On an average, more than 30% of Indians suffer from a fear of surgery or medical procedures. That means, if you were a family of four, one of you would be suffering from pre-operative anxiety by just the idea of any invasive procedure.

Going under the knife is highly stressful to the mind and also, the pockets! We understand that healthcare sector in India is heavily privatized and although is highly advanced in technology and trained personnel, it is very expensive too. With the skyrocketing prices of surgeries and other medical facilities in private hospitals, they are usually out of bounds for most of the middle-class and rural populations. Hospitals that do offer affordable health care services may not guarantee use of advanced technology or suitable hygiene and sanitation standards or highly skilled staff. This adds to the anxiety of the patient and his or her family when trying to choose a hospital with the right balance of quality and affordability. Precisely this is where the role of an ideal hospital with the right services, the right staff and the right guidance starts!

Upcoming short-stay surgery centers are “the” answer to above issues! They are fast gaining foothold in public and private healthcare systems in India and have taken a revolutionary turn thanks to advances in healthcare technology!

Short-stay surgery also called as Elective Surgery units are ancillary to major multispecialty hospitals or freestanding and specialize in employing advanced medical technology along with strategies for enhanced and accelerated recovery to reduce a patient’s hospital stay post surgery. These units typically cater to patients who need to undergo elective surgeries or require brief hospitalizations (usually 0-5 days) where complications are usually unlikely.

The services usually include minor surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures or emergency medicine. In a developing country like India particularly, healthcare is a primary concern and statistics show that an average Indian household spends up to 60-70% of their healthcare costs out-of-pocket. Awareness about medical insurances is poor and generally, a visit to a doctor is very heavy to the pockets! Imagine in a country like India that has about one hospital bed per ~1500 population, according to a recent report, the availability of resources takes a lot of time and a lot of money!

With a shorter stay at the hospital, the cost of surgery too is slashed, as lesser hospital room or nursing care charges need to be paid, post-operative care can be managed at home and insurance companies may cover the expenses in most cases.

The idea of a short stay surgery center that provide quick advanced medical care at lower costs in India sounds great, doesn’t it? A shining example for these centers is a chain of short-stay surgery centers by AB Hospitals.

The What & How of it

Short stay services could be integrated units of the hospital or hospital autonomous units or satellite units that are semi-autonomous or freestanding units. Freestanding short stay or Day surgery centers have been established in some major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi etc. that provide quality services and are certified by ISO. AB Hospitals, Gurgaon, for example, has set up an Elective surgery center that will soon be operating in various cities throughout India that provide premium surgical healthcare at affordable rates. These centers integrate high quality clinical processes with a competent team to deliver quick surgeries and fast recovery ensuring a shorter hospital stay. They follow stringent guidelines of medical services and patient education of post-operative care.

World-class healthcare facilities at affordable rates are here to stay with AB Hospitals!

How much do they cost?

Fret not about the cost of your minor surgeries anymore! Going for minor surgeries at short-stay surgery centers bring down the entire expense by about 30-40% as compared to inpatient surgeries. The AB Hospitals short-stay surgery centers offer surgeries at government rates and at fixed costs. Since there is no requirement of hospital rooms or medical facilities like nursing, medication etc. for longer periods, these surgeries help to cut down the costs drastically. And cost reduction in this case, in no way implies lack of expertise. In fact, short-stay or day surgeries at these AB Hospitals centers are an outcome of advancement in surgical techniques, anesthetics, minimally invasive surgeries and great expertise of the medical personnel in these surgeries. They follow well-defined SOPs to ensure reliability in care and employ highly specialized, and

internationally trained surgeons with the best of expertise and skills in their fields. AB Hospitals provide great value for money and are completely tech-enabled, meaning all your health data are digitized making them easily available for any future requirement.

These centers also help in obtaining good insurance cover of such short-stay surgeries.

1. The Royal Fear of the Knife!

The first thing that puts you against a surgery is actually fear. And one of the major advantages of a short-stay or day surgery is that the “fast-paced discharge” concept reduces the enormity of the idea of surgery in your mind, helping you overcome the fear. This greatly improves the chances of a successful surgery and fast recovery. Trust in the practitioner plays the most important part in calming a patient’s fear and the more confident you are about the surgeon, the more in control you feel of the situation. AB Hospitals for example, employ only the best and highly trained surgeons and ensure that they give personalized care and attention to the patients. A conversation with the doctor is all that you will need! With world-class surgical facilities and latest technologies in place, there is hardly any reason to fear failure.

Hospitals in general, elicit fear and anxiety, mainly because of fear of the unknown. It could be fear of surgical failure or unsuccessful recovery, loss of movement or even loss of life! It also is emotionally taxing to the patient’s family who may have many queries and doubts regarding the procedures. The role of a practitioner and the hospital staff in putting these fears to rest is of paramount importance.

2. The Right Research does Help

The internet may not help you right away, probably scare you to death already with i’s extremity and graphics. But, not all things will come to bite you. Look for

some testimonials, personal experiences and doctor’s articles and you will understand the exact procedure and how your body reacts. It is essential to know that your body is a self-thinking mechanism and you have less to do here. Our bodies are already designed in a way that only looks to recover from any damage. This also places a sense of confidence in yourself, which is like the war is half won. Next is simply let the experts take care of you and you will be out of the hospital in a jiffy!

3. Always schedule your appointments ahead of time
The arrangements are taken care of before time from the hospital’s end as well you get to make your mind. Just in case, something goes wrong, you have time in your hand to get back on track.

Not to forget your body needs time to heal as well.

Common Fears and their fixes

Short-stay surgeries also help you recuperate at the comfort of your home and take care of day-to-day activities. On a serious note, it also greatly minimizes the risk of hospital acquired secondary infections and thus helps faster recovery in a cleaner environment. Undergoing a short-stay or day surgery, however, comes with the responsibility of understanding thoroughly, the post-operative care that needs to be taken in order to avoid infection or readmission. This part is well taken care of by the hospital staff at AB Hospitals who focus on providing complete care information and good recovery of the patient before discharge. Personalized care and premium quality of services almost always ensures enhanced recovery of patients prior to discharge.

Moreover, short-stay surgeries come at a much lower cost as compared to inpatient surgeries making them affordable to most of us! The cost savings is unquestionable and quality uncompromised. The short-stay surgery centers like AB Hospitals actually provide finest quality healthcare services to make sure that the patient recovers fast and with minimal complications. Many of these minor surgeries usually take place on schedule and do not require waiting for availability of hospital beds or rescheduling due to emergencies. The surgeries can also be booked online! What’s more? You can even keep track of your medical records online!

Again, set your worries aside and plan that long-pending surgery right away! The greater good?

In a country like ours, where the population overpowers the efforts put in by the healthcare sectors – both public and private, for providing better health facilities to the majority of population, short-stay surgery services or ambulatory services are game changers. Surgical care in India has largely been neglected due to greater focus on pandemic diseases and sanitation. Since available hospital bed to person ratio is very low, opting for such short-stay surgeries allows for effective use of hospital facilities by patients actually in need. These services help in reaching out to the poorer sections of the society by providing quality medical help in affordable rates.

Looking at the future health scenario wherein the healthcare cost will go down and quality of life will improve, AB Hospitals is definitely be a part of the revolution.
In an inaugural offer, we are offering the first 1000 registrations for the surgeries at Government rates.

Check our website for more details. Think short-stay surgery, think AB Hospitals!