Why do we urgently need specialized elective surgery centers in India?

Healthcare scene in India is heavily biased. With excellent hospital facilities being accessible to only a certain urban population and class, India lags way behind in making basic healthcare facilities being accessible to all. State of art surgical and other treatment facility is heavily privatized and is unaffordable to a larger percentage of the population. Primary health centers and government hospitals, although cheaper, are not equipped with advanced medical facilities, expert professionals and even beds for such a large population that India presents. Result? Poor availability of medical facilities to common man, low accessibility in rural areas and extremely expensive surgeries and treatments. Solution? More number of elective surgery centers all over India.

1. They are quicker!

Elective surgery centers are specialized centers that revolve around the concept of “day surgery” that is, in simpler terms, surgery centers exclusively set up for performing elective surgeries (or non-emergency surgeries). These centers employ advanced surgical techniques and enhanced recovery measure resulting in shorter admission time for elective surgeries. Elective surgery centers are in fact, a revolution in the healthcare industry in India with a few of the likes of AB Hospitals in Gurgaon, Haryana (www.abhospitals.com) cropping up already. These hospitals or surgery centers employ highly advanced surgical equipment, trained personnel, expert surgeons from the best of the hospitals and enhanced recovery care to ensure faster post-surgery recuperation and easier care at home resulting in shorter stay at the hospital. For example, if you need a hernia repair surgery or hysterectomy done, which otherwise take about a week’s admission to a hospital, these centers discharge you within a day or two.

2. They take care of the numbers!

In a country like ours with such a huge population, several hospitals face difficulties in arranging for hospital beds and tending to so many patients. About 30-40% population is prescribed some or the other form of elective surgery in our country at any given time. Elective surgery centers, due to their advanced surgical techniques, make sure more number of patients is tended to with a higher rate of bed availability. Since each patient is discharged after a quick surgery and recovery within a day or two as against a week or 10 days time, more number of patients can be treated in the same time.

3. They are cheaper!

A shorter stay at hospital also correlates directly the amount of money spent in engaging the hospital bed. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Since post-surgery care and recovery is done at home, you save a lot of hospital charges on say the bed, nursing, food, your relative or caretaker’s logistics, etc. In fact, some centers like AB Hospitals, New Delhi, also provide these services at rates comparable to government rates. Thus, you save a lot of money opting for smaller elective surgery centers!

4. They are technically advanced and mostly successful!

Don’t let these facts mislead you into thinking that a shorter stay and quicker surgery is unsafe or improper. As a matter of fact, research at a global level has shown that the efficiency and success rate of surgeries in elective surgery centers is at par with any other star, multispecialty hospital! Elective surgery centers actually employ the best of surgeons with highest levels of skill in the particular field to perform the surgery so that the surgeries are quicker, successful and recovery rate is higher! The hospital bills too, significantly drop as most of post-surgery nursing care and recovery is at home! This again adds to the faster recovery as patient is in amicable environment and hospital-related stress is substantially reduced.

5. Shorter waiting time!

As against the load of emergency surgeries that any normal multispecialty hospitals face, elective surgery centers tend to plan surgeries. You could choose the date and day of when you want the surgery to be done and chances of the surgery to get postponed due to an emergency are very less. Surgeries are easily booked online and the waiting time is very less. Its easier to plan out elective surgeries at elective surgery centers as per your convenience.

6. They also get covered under insurance!

Health insurance policies which earlier considered hospital admission and stay an important criteria under their cover are now opening up to cover elective and day surgeries under their spectrum. Where earlier elective surgeries were considered to be cosmetic and not medically relevant, today, many health insurance covers are including it under their umbrella if they are a medical necessity. In fact, medically relevant elective surgeries are insured and a large chunk of cost is borne by the company.

All in all, elective surgery centers are a great idea to circumvent India’s poor provision healthcare facilities! They provide world-class medical facilities at affordable rates! And since these are not full fledged, multispecialty hospitals, it is relatively cheaper and easier to set these up at remote locations or the country’s interiors with the best of visiting surgeons in the network.

Indian healthcare system is in dire need of this revolution and more number of elective surgery centers will help in acquiring the much-needed facelift of the medical scene in India!