Surgery is also suggested if alternative treatments for hemorrhoids (piles) haven’t worked, or if you have got piles that are not appropriate for non-surgical treatment.

There are many surgical procedures for piles. The most kinds of operation are represented below.


This surgical procedure is an operation to get rid of piles. It has always performed underneath anesthetic agent, which suggests, you will be unconscious throughout the procedure and will not feel any pain whereas it’s performed.

A conventional hemorrhoidectomy involves gently gap the arsehole therefore the hemorrhoids is cut out. you’ll have to require at least a week or less, off work to recover.

You’ll probably feel vital pain once the operation has been done, however you will be given painkillers.

You may still have pain for couple of weeks after the procedure done, which may even be controlled with painkillers. You should ook for medical recommendation if you have got pain that continues for extended time period.

After having a surgical procedure, there is around a one in twenty probability of the piles returning, that is below with non-surgical treatments.

Adopting or continued a high-fiber diet, once surgery has been done, is usually recommended to cut back the risk of recurrence.

Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligature

Hemorrhoidal ligation of artery is a surgical procedure to cut back the supply of blood to your hemorrhoids.

It’s usually administrated underneath anesthetic agent and a small probe which is ultrasonic, inserted in to the anus.

This probe releases sound waves of higher frequencies. The probe produces high-frequency sound waves that enable the Dr. to find the vessels, which are responsible for blood supply to the piles.

Each vessel is sewed closed to stop the blood which goes to the piles, that causes it to shrink over the subsequent weeks or days.

The sewing also can be accustomed to cut back hemorrhoids that droop down from the arse (prolapsing).

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends hemorrhoidal artery ligature as a secure and effective way in comparison of a operation or pinned hemorrhoidopexy.

It causes less pain and, in terms of results, a high level of satisfaction has been reported .

The recovery time when having hemorrhoidal artery tying is additionally faster compared with different surgical procedures for piles.

There’s a low risk of blood draining and pain at the time of passing stools, or the piles turning into prolapsed, however these typically improve inside a couple of weeks.


Stapling, additionally referred to as pinned hemorrhoidopexy, is an alternate to a standard surgical procedure.

It’s typically accustomed treat prolapsed piles and is done underneath anesthetic agent.

During the operation, a part of the ano-rectum – the last section of the massive gut – is pinned. this implies the hemorrhoids are less possible to prolapse.

It additionally reduces the availability of blood to the piles, that causes them to step by step shrink.

Stapling incorporates a shorter recovery time than a standard surgical procedure, and you’ll most likely come back to figure a few week after. It additionally tends to be a less painful procedure.

But a lot of folks expertise another prolapsed piles after this staple process in comparison of surgical procedure.

There have additionally been a really little range of great problems or issues after the procedure of pinning, like vaginal fistulas in girls, wherever a tiny low channel develops between the anal canal and the vagina, or rectum perforation, wherever a hole develops within the rectum.


Although the danger of significant issues is little, complications will sometimes occur after piles surgery.

These will include:

  • Blood discharge or passing blood clots, which can happen some weeks more or less after the piles operation.
  • Infection, which can result in a build-up of pus (an abscess) – you will have to take a brief course of antibiotics after surgery to scale back this risk.
  • Problem in evacuating urine from bladder (retention of urine)
  • Passing of stools Problem (Inconsistent feces)
  • A tiny low lump that can be made in the middle of the canal of anus and skin surface, close to the arse (anal fistula)
  • Shrinkage of the canal of Anus (stenosis) – It is the biggest risk, if any one got treatment on hemorrhoids which situate in a ring round of anus and in the lining.

All these issues typically can be cured by medicines or additional surgery. Consult your Dr. at AB Hospitals, to clarify the risks in additional detail before taking a decision to go for the surgery.