How your General Practitioner (GP) can guide you to decide on elective surgery?

You have, perhaps been carrying on the occasional pain in your abdomen for as long as you can remember thinking it will slowly fade away! Have you spared a thought about it could be something serious that may have heavier repercussions in future? Heavier to your health, and your, pockets! The pain you are carrying may be symptomatic of a looming hernia or gallstones problem, which may lead to grave complications if left unattended. And avoiding an appointment with your general physician or the general practitioner should be the last thing on your mind! Your general practitioner can be a great guide to ease your symptomatic conditions and guide you further on the necessary treatment.

So if you have not made that long pending appointment and are trying to ignore that small pain in your abdomen, spare a thought and make that booking now.

Here’s why:

  1. To get the right diagnosis

The general practitioner investigates the health issue and makes the diagnosis. He or she understands the history of the problem and does a routine check-up to find the cause. Certain seemingly trivial pains may actually be early symptoms of deeper, severe issues like a hernia. So, primary investigation is very helpful for early diagnosis of a disorder.

  1. Treatment for symptomatic relief

Medications prescribed by general practitioner are great for symptomatic relief. They ease out the pain and make you comfortable to be able to take better decisions regarding the treatment of health problem. General physicians always keep themselves updated with the latest in healthcare field like advanced medications, latest diagnostic tests, treatment procedures, expert professionals of the field and specialty hospitals best for the treatment of your problem. They are capable of taking good care of our health until you go for the right treatment of the root cause!

  1. The right treatment

We are all prone to trivializing our health problems and self-medicating it. Everyone is scared about his or her health and visit to the doctor is delayed mostly because they do not want to hear anything unpleasant. However, some problems like earlier mentioned hernia or gallstones only get worse the longer you wait and have no alternative to surgical removal. No amount of medications help and surgery is the only way. A good general practitioner can guide the patient as to what is his or her condition is like and what is the right treatment for best results. The good part is, such surgeries are usually elective in nature and the patient can choose the date and time of surgery as per his or her convenience.

  1. Elective surgeries can be planned!

Isn’t that a big relief?! Certain surgeries are emergencies. You have no control or say over them and they have to be done immediately otherwise the results may be fatal. But elective surgeries like hernia removal or gallstones removal or hysterectomy etc., are surgeries that can be planned on a particular date or time as per convenience of the patient. This helps in better physical, emotional, mental and most importantly, financial preparation.

  1. Delay, and not drop!

True, that elective surgeries can be planned, but remember, they cannot be delayed too much. The longer you wait; complications may increase and condition may worsen. Although there is great flexibility in choosing your time, place and date, delay is not recommended. Do your homework and choose the right place and surgeon for your surgery. It is very important where you do your surgery, it makes all the difference! So, look for the right parameters when making the choice of your surgery center. Your general practitioner can help you with details regarding when should be the right time for planning the surgery and where it should be done. The doctor can give you choices of expert professionals in the field and best hospital or elective surgery center with adequate facilities. They may also guide you regarding the pricing of surgery at different centers and what is ideal.

  1. Choosing the right place for surgery

 The most confusing decision to make is where to plan your surgery. Apart from multi-specialty hospitals, there are several elective surgery centers throughout the country. These elective surgery centers give all the advantages and facilities of the hospitals and even more. The surgeries are generally done as laparoscopic surgeries with minimal pain and minimal admission time. Not only are the surgeries performed with expertise, but also are they priced reasonably. They hire expert professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure and nursing to ensure best care of the patient. Look at AB Hospitals (their first surgery center at Gurgaon, Haryana), these are purely elective surgery centers that give world-class facilities at affordable costs. They perform surgeries at government rates while providing facilities that are no less than multispecialty private hospitals. They have expert personnel for performing the surgery and enhanced recovery methods, so that patient requires minimal hospital admission. Since the surgeries are performed using most advanced technology and great nursing care, complications rarely occur and success rate is very high. It is a great choice and booking your surgeries is literally at the tip of your fingers, as bookings can be made online at your comfort!

So, make your appointments with your general practitioner today and get the right guidance towards treatment of your condition. Don’t let that pain get complicated. Put yourself in safe hands soon!