7 ways to speedy recovery from Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgeries or minimally invasive surgeries are undoubtedly great form of surgeries for conditions like hernias, gall bladder removal, detection of endometriosis or uterine removal, etc. As a procedure requiring only a small incision on the body for otherwise complex open surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries are a boon to the medical field! Not only do they demand very less time, the recovery rates are much better and much faster. Many great hospitals including short surgery centers like AB Hospitals provide such surgeries at a great cost and using advanced facilities and trained professionals. Recovery usually takes about a week and the patient can return to normal life soon after!

But like any other surgery, laparoscopic surgeries too require the care and attention towards rest, nutritious diet and ample healing time. It would be unrealistic to think laparoscopic surgeries are magic and can get you back on track super fast! So, practicing good post-surgery care is imperative as it mostly the patient’s responsibility soon after discharge.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get a speedy recovery from a laparoscopic surgery:

1.Take control

Being mentally prepared for the surgery and keeping things that you might need right after the surgery to make yourself comfortable are crucial. When you are better prepared to deal with the post-surgery care before-hand, recovery is less stressful and you can give your mind some rest. The first couple of days right after surgery may be stressful as the effect of anesthesia wears out and pain sets in. So, be prepared mentally and things would be easier!

 2. Give yourself time

Your body needs rest. One of the mistakes most patients make is unrealistically expect to heal real fast and get back to normalcy. As mentioned earlier, laparoscopic surgeries like any other need time to heal and rest is one thing that will speedup the process most!

3. Start moving.. but slowly

Start with small movements like a slow walk around the house or to the bathroom every two to three hours. These help with easing pain due to gas build-up (as a result of inactivity) and promotes healing. It’s also very refreshing and keeps you in good mood!

4. Get help around home

Big or small, any surgery is a matter of discomfort and restricted movements. Moreover, you will need ample rest to ensure speedy recovery. So, do get help for household work for a few days to make sure that you don’t have to do the running around with the chores and to help you with getting the right food and medications and water in time.

5. Keep the belly area infection-free

It is critical that you keep the abdominal area always clean and free of germs. Make sure that you wipe the area clean and get the dressing done as directed by the doctor. Wear clean and loose cotton clothes for a few days. This will help the surgical wounds heal faster and help you recover faster.

 6. Keep the pressure on abdominal area low

Another essential advise is to avoid movements or postures that strain the abdomen or the abdominal muscles. Your muscles might be sore for some time! Get used to the fact! So even when you get back to work, make sure you are seated comfortably. Use cushions or pillows if needed and avoid upright seating posture, it puts a lot of pressure on the belly. So just relax and try to take it easy for a few days after the surgery.

7. Eat healthy and take your medications in time

This one is really a no-brainer when it comes to medical issues. There is no way around healthy diet and the prescribed medicines. Consult the dietician in the hospital about what you should eat. Also, about what you should not eat; some foods are known to hamper healing processes. Also, make sure you take all the medications in time and the right doses.

Laparoscopic surgeries are really efficient provided you just invest a little time and thought to the post-surgery recovery! Always keep in touch with your doctor!

Happy healing!