5 reasons why you should seek a second opinion on your surgery

How many of us buy our first smartphones in one go? Or our car or home? None of us. We spend days planning the buy and doing research on which is the best or most reliable dealer. We give lots of thoughts and put great efforts when handling major finances. Then why do we shy from taking similar rigorous approach for our health? In India, doctors and surgeons are revered, treated with utmost respect and their word is generally, the last one. But this may not always be true or in your benefit.

Carelessness in health care industry has become one of the leading menaces in the country. Inadequate expertise, wrong diagnosis, unnecessary treatments and surgeries and negligent care have posed serious problems in people’s lives by either causing lifelong disorders or death.

Second opinions have always been undervalued in planning for a surgery or medical treatment while they actually are instrumental in taking the right decision. Seeking a second opinion might be seen as betrayal or lack of loyalty towards your practitioner, but a good general health practitioner will welcome it and value the opinion in designing the right surgery plan.

Let’s take a look at why taking a second opinion on your surgery might actually be a good thing.

1. A serious surgery is recommended

When a patient approaches the doctor with a problem, surgery is the last thing he or she wants to hear as a solution. It is natural to think of taking a second opinion on whether the surgery is really necessary or if the problem can be circumvented with an approach less severe. Major surgeries come with some risks as well as anxiety and stress associated with it. There’s no harm in going for second opinion to look for safer alternatives.

2. Diagnosis may not be up to mark

Doctors can also make mistakes and diagnostic errors are not uncommon. Diagnostic errors can cause you more harm than your illness. Many a times, doctors also advise expensive diagnostic tests, pricey treatments and medications to make money out of your misery. An expert surgeon always ensures to recommend a surgery or treatment that is best for you, suits your body and medical history and works out better for you in the long run. So, if you are not feeling confident about the diagnosis, go for a second opinion from someone more experienced in the field and see what they have to say.

3. Your treatment plan is not addressing the root cause

If your surgery is not going to address the root cause of the problem, it is going to be no good to you. It is imperative that you try to understand the diagnosis that is made and see that the surgery tackles the root issue. Otherwise, the issue will recur and all the physical, mental stress and surgery expense will be a waste. A good physician will welcome a second opinion, as it is a confirmation of his or her own diagnosis. Or, the surgery may actually turn out to be futile and may be avoided.

4. To get the best option based on technology and equipment, skill and expertise

Every doctor or surgeon is unique in terms of his diagnosis. The experience, skill set, training, education, all decide how the surgeon’s approach towards your diagnosis will be. The medical facility and equipment available with the surgeon too affects the diagnosis and treatment options offered by the surgeon. A second opinion may open you up to additional treatment options, perhaps more advanced than what your previous surgeon suggested. Most of the elective surgeries these days are performed using minimally invasive techniques and surgery centers, especially, offer highly advanced surgery options with enhanced care techniques so that you recover faster. So, getting a second opinion on surgery options available is actually a good practice.

5. To help you get a better hold on your condition and give you peace of mind

Finally, and most importantly, whether a small surgery or big, a second opinion either supporting the first or even better, minimizing the need for surgery or medications or even expense can be very reassuring. It contributes in preparing you mentally and gives you peace of mind mainly because you are surer that the treatment will work for you. Confirmation of a treatment plan by two sources also ensures that the best of both sides is incorporated in your treatment and the success rate of your surgery is better.

Seeking a second opinion is an important decision. Your health should be in your hands and you have the right to complete, honest information regarding your health and surgery. And you can only assure an honest opinion if you go to a credible source for a second opinion. Good hospitals or surgery centres having an expert team of highly experienced and technically sound surgeons are the best source of information. AB Hospitals in Gurgaon is a highly reputed surgery centre that has an enviable team of highly experienced, senior visiting surgeons from all over the country. It upholds medical ethics and believes in transparency in health care. Moreover, with experts handling the cases, diagnosis is very proper and opinions too are unbiased. With latest advanced technology and enhanced recovery measures offered at the centre, the best of the best options are available for you to choose from. Choosing a surgery centre like AB Hospitals for getting a second opinion on your diagnosis will be most valuable.

Don’t fret over a primary diagnosis, go for a second opinion and ensure your health is taken care of by the best hands in the field!