5 Reasons For Investing in Surgery and Avoid Alternative Medicine

Faith holds huge power over us Indians. While it may help us sail through difficult times with ease, allowing faith to interfere with science can have catastrophic results. However, many of our countrymen are doing just this by blindly subscribing to “treatments” that come under the gambit of alternative medicine.

We often come across people suffering from severe ailments like cancer, cardiac diseases and diabetes who are advised by well-meaning acquaintances to depend on alternative therapies. Their arguments are that the patient would not have to undergo a surgery or ingest a multitude of chemicals.

These beliefs stem from myths about both allopathy and alternative medicines. Therefore, we decided to present our side of the story by telling you a few reasons why a surgery should be a more preferable treatment option than alternative medicine.


  • Not a proven science


The surgeries and medicines used in allopathy have a proven track record. They have all undergone clinical trials and years of improvements before becoming common treatment protocols. In case of alternative medicine, this may not necessarily be true.

There is no documented evidence of those treatments working on patients, or on their side effects. Though some of these treatments are very old, there is not much updation happening by means of research like in case of allopathic medicine. All this leaves many questions about the theories behind these treatments unanswered.


  • The chemical versus natural debate


Many people argue that allopathic drugs are made up of chemicals while the techniques of alternative medicine are closer to nature. Natural does not necessarily mean safe. Many substances have harmful effects in their natural forms. However, they can become beneficial after undergoing certain processes.

Also, it is not necessary that all chemicals will harm you. In fact in several cases, what goes on in the name of natural remedies can disturb the natural balance between the good bacteria and bad bacteria in your body. In the long run, this will end up doing more harm than good.


  • The question of effectiveness


There are many conjectures around alternative medicine making use of “sugar pills” or placebo. Many of them are marketed with claims that are too good to be true. On the other hand, their benefits are not documented as religiously as that of modern medicine.

Knowing all this, there is no surprise in the fact that alternative treatments show no effect on many patients. This makes it much less reliable as the go-to therapy, especially in case of severe illnesses. Its own proponents say that alternative medicine is a lengthy process and is more suited for preventive treatment, rather than for emergencies.


  • You may end up worsening your condition


In many cases, people are known to use alternative therapies to complement their treatment. The herbs and natural remedies used can react badly with the drugs, often resulting in aggravation of the disease.

Many times when people refuse to partake the advice of their doctors, opting to rely entirely on alternative medicine. Such patients often end up coming back to the doctors later when the condition is beyond repair. Many lives have been lost simply because people chose not to take the right therapy in time.


  • No talk about microorganisms, only balance


Most natural therapies only talk about the balance of energies and freeing the body of toxins. They do not consider the presence of disease causing microorganisms. This makes them incomplete sciences as not all kinds of illnesses can be treated through the methods it talks about.

In conclusion, we can say that alternative or complementary medicine may help in certain specific cases and ways. However, it is always safer to depend on allopathic medicine in case of life-threatening and chronic conditions.

Either way, at AB Hospitals, we encourage our patients to make informed decisions regarding their treatment. In case you want prior information about any procedure you require, you are always welcome to take the opinions of our experts.