Faith holds huge power over us Indians. While it may help us sail through difficult times with ease, allowing faith to interfere with science can have catastrophic results. However, many of our countrymen are doing just this by blindly subscribing to “treatments” that come under the gambit of alternative medicine.
Choosing the right hospital for surgery is undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions to make when you have to undergo an elective surgery! One tends to choose the closest hospital either when the problem is not too serious or during an emergency. But when the choice is to be
Laparoscopic surgeries or minimally invasive surgeries are undoubtedly great form of surgeries for conditions like hernias, gall bladder removal, detection of endometriosis or uterine removal, etc. As a procedure requiring only a small incision on the body for otherwise complex open surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries are a boon to the medical
Have you heard of short stay surgeries or day surgeries lately? Wondered what they mean? Medical technology and surgeries are seeing a paradigm shift with the evolution of short stay surgery or day surgery centers. The dreaded word “surgery” too is seeing a better reception since the inception of short